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Specialty Shoes for Proper Foot Care

Your feet contain 25% of all the bones in your body.
Healthy bones and happy feet start with the right pair of shoes!
Comfort Shoe Club has you covered:
Diabetic Shoes

Shoes designed for diabetics and "peripheral neuropathy" - a common side effect that causes loss of sensation in the feet and other extremities.
Arthritis Shoes

Minimize pain and maximize your ability to lead an active life with shoes designed to help those that suffer from arthritic foot issues.
Medicare Approved

Our Medicare approved shoes protect your feet, provide all-day comfort, and provide additional stability while walking or standing.
Orthapedic Shoes

Shoes designed and ready-made for achieving proper stability and support through the use of an orthotic shoe insert.
Therapeutic Shoes

Footwear made to alleviate problems associated with common foot conditions such as bunions, calluses, corns or hammer toes.
Extra-Extra Depth Shoes

Extra depth and when paired with an orthotic these shoes accommodate foot deformities, limit the motion of painful joints, and more.
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